I’m coming back to my blog after a very long hiatus. Maybe I just didn’t think my life was that interesting. Maybe I’ve been in a coma and just now waking up or maybe I was kidnapped by aliens and I’m just now returning to civilization after having been probed by them… (Well, Tinder hasn’t been working well for me lately so maybe I had a good time in outer space. I wouldn’t know though. My memory was erased!)

At any rate, I’m returning back to the page and putting it out there again. I’m older but not sure I’m necessarily wiser. In the age of Trumpism, I think we all feel like the life has been sucked out of all of us by this alien orange being and we’re losing who we are. But if we can’t find life interesting and art gratifying any longer then the Orange One has won. And quite frankly, I’m tired of his definition of winning. I want to win on my terms with art, love, friends, and cocktails again. And maybe some free health care would be nice, too!

So, I’m getting back to my roots, taking pen to paper (or in this case a keyboard and my very limited knowledge of cut, paste and html codes) and returning to publicly putting my life and thoughts on display. Get your head out of the gutter. The red light isn’t on but maybe the neon sign says “open for business” again. 

I’m back and looking forward to sharing, caring, and inflicting my thoughts on page again. 


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