I attend a very unique and eclectic aerobics class twice a week. No, it’s not the latest trend from Hollywood or innovative and revolutionary for that matter. No, it’s just high intensity, strength-training aerobics.

What makes it special is the composition of the class that attends. There are no elitists. There are no subordinates. It is a melting pot of our city. It’s what America is supposed to look like.

We think we have come a long way since the 60s and civil rights but in some aspects we haven’t. Churches are still segregated. Country Clubs, bars, neighborhoods, offices, and even some schools are still one sided (on both sides of the coin, I might add). As much as we say we embrace equality, our day-to-day lives still do not entirely reflect the concept.

My aerobics class seems to be a refreshing exception. Who knew it would be the common fear of cellulite that could bring us all together?! These women are all fierce, intelligent, and amazing. Every class I look around the room and admire these ladies who turn out week after week. So many amazing stories there but one common goal – to be the best people we can possibly be! We move as one. We march as one. We grapevine, punch, kick, and dance as one. We crunch our abs as one. It's all so very zen. And for that, my aerobics class rules!

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