The Screaming Universe

Everyone's told - watch for the signs! Signs from God? Street signs? Semifore? What? Where are these signs and why should I care so much? Maybe I'm not exactly paying attention. I did, after all, forget to take my ADD meds this morning.

But suddenly, as if the universe is calling out to me, I'm actually seeing signs - signs in the oddest places, too, like movies, emails from friends, and advertisements in magazines. I know, sounds a little "Beautiful Mind," huh? So not trying to be like John F. Nash with strings and articles collaged across my office, I have at least begun paying attention to these signs.

The first was in an email from a friend encouraging me to enter a playwriting contest - I did and I won. Recently I watched a movie about a writer trying to find her voice. She wrote a short story and sent it in to Paris Review, a literary magazine. It hit me, I should write a short story and submit. So I've written a short story and I am submitting. I hardly ever buy an Oxford American magazine but I did this past weekend and there was an ad for a literary award for Southern authors. I didn't take much notice of it at first. But when I threw down the magazine, it landed opened on that page where the ad was located. And it hit me... The universe is literarly screaming at me to write! It is cheering me on, encouraging me, and giving me hope.

So pay attention to the signs out there. Maybe you're not a writer like me but perhaps every now and then we should remove the ear phones from our ipods or quit secretly texting at stop lights long enough to hear and see whatever signs might be specifically aimed at us to follow. Who knows, they might even change your life!

TLC :-*

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  1. SO very true. It's amazing how caught up in our little worlds we can be. Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses (or look at signs!). :D